Your Introduction to The Essence

—Bringing the best writing-related advice, tools, and techniques in one place.

The Essence is a publication dedicated to empowering writers by giving them the knowledge and the tools they need to crush it in the industry.

Welcome to The Essence! After quite a while of pondering the idea of starting a newsletter, I finally decided to go ahead with it.

But I promised myself that it has to be unique and unlike any other newsletter. I don’t fancy robotic newsletters, so it’s only fair and sincere that I make mine far from that.

Before going further, let me introduce myself a little:

You’re probably expecting me to be another six-figure writer here to flex on you. Or sell you a course. I’m not. I don’t have decades of experience in the writing industry. I have no master’s degree nor a bachelor's degree in creative writing or marketing. In fact, I’m a college dropout. A recent one. I dropped out to become a freelance copywriter not so long ago.

Now, I’m a freelance copywriter, writer, and marketer who’s always super enthusiastic to learn more about all of that.

Here is what you can expect from The Essence and what it is all about:

The Essence of The Essence

There's so much writing-related advice out there. In YouTube, Medium, Reddit, books, courses, and the list goes on.

Lots of them work, some not so much, others not at all. Not everyone has the time or energy to dig deep for the good stuff. I want to solve this for you.

My job is to bring for you only the best of the best, and instead of you having to read or watch all of it in +100 places, I'm going to bring it for you summarized in one place.

This will you save you a ton of time researching, reading, testing, and so on. And we know how time is tight for us writers. The information and tools you will find can come from anywhere, whether articles online, old copywriting and marketing books, courses, and lastly, my personal experience.

The Plan for the Publication

I often tend to ramble on when writing, just like how I’m doing right now. But for this newsletter, I will only focus on the essence of the message I want to convey.

In less than seven minutes every other week, you will get an edition packed with valuable advice to expand your creative horizon, knowledge, and expertise.

I plan to do this by summarizing, breaking down, and explaining the essence of the best writing-related advice, tricks, and tools I come across. The advice won’t only be about the act of writing itself. It will include the business side of writing, the marketing side, the online possibilities of writing, the psychology behind writing, and much more.

The Essence will dig out the digital dirt and bring out the treasures. You’ll get the goods in your inbox. Only the good stuff. That’s the promise.

Learning Never Ends

Although I have accomplished a lot since I embarked on this journey, I’m still way too far from where I want to be. I’m still a little yellow duck in the business.

I’m still learning, and I will always be learning about the business of writing. I will always be a student.

I’m always learning something. Learning never ends.”—Raymond Carver

I suspect you are the same, even if you are already making six or seven figures through writing. The process of learning never stops. So, I figured to share my learning journey with like-minded individuals—with you. We would learn together so we could crush it in the industry together.

There is no doubt that making it big in the industry can be difficult. But with the right knowledge and tools, almost anyone can excel. And those who are already quite successful can reach even higher levels.

That’s my vision for The Essence—bringing the essence of the best writing-related advice, tools, and techniques in one place.

Expect the first edition on Friday, April 30th. Subscribe now to receive your free guide for making money as a writer. The newsletter doesn’t cost a penny!

In the meantime, you can keep up with me through Medium, and reach me out through my website Excellent Copy.